Monday, June 22, 2009

Pennsylvania - Philadelphia, Allentown, Scranton

“I was all alone in the car, waiting for him as he made business calls in Allentown” (98).

“We zoomed through Richmond, Washington, Baltimore, and up to Philadelphia on a winding country road and talked” (108).

I stopped at a few different spot as I crossed Allentown, and every time I picked up on the distinct odor of hot dogs (I guess I was in the hot dog district).

As for Philadelphia, there's a reason I go to that city fairly often. It's a young city with a great music scene and a hell of a lot of cultural offerings. I'm never disappointed, no matter what part of the city I visit/end up spending the night in; give me the most run-down sections of Philly over any city in New Jersey any day.

Note: In case you'd care to experience Philadelphia through the lens of a professional photographer, my friend Matt is in the process of creating a photostream on Flickr. Link forthcoming.

Kerouac didn't go to Scranton, PA in On the Road. I was passing through.

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