Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ohio - Ashtabula, Toledo, Cincinatti

“It was an ordinary bus trip with crying babies and hot sun, and countryfolk getting on at one Penn town after another, till we got on the plain of Ohio and really rolled, up by Ashtabula and straight across Indiana in the night” (11).

“In the misty night we crossed Toledo and went onward across old Ohio. I realized I was beginning to cross and recross towns in America as though I were a traveling salesman—raggedy travelings, bad stock, rotten beans in the bottom of my bag of tricks, nobody buying.” (234)

"The dark and mysterious Ohio, and Cincinnati at dawn." (243)

(Unfortunately I have no pictures of Cincinnati; was getting late and I only took one shot, which was motion-blurred. I'm not too broken up about it).


Ohio is boring as hell to drive through, and I zipped across (and up, and down...) that state as fast as I could. Really, I have nothing remarkable to say about the Ohio portion of this day's trip, despite the fact that it was a considerable haul--I left from Pittsburgh, PA then went up near Ashtabula, through Cleveland (shudder), then cut up to Michigan for Detroit, then back down through Toledo, near Cincinnati, over to Indianapolis, and then stopped for the night in Terre Haute, Indiana. More on that later. No wonder Ohio was little more than a collection of bus stops in On the Road.

For more on Cleveland, and even a little on Detroit, watch this video.

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